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I am more than happy to post promotions for you providing I have reviewed at least one of your books. If you're aren't sure whether I've reviewed for you, please visit my page, Past Reviews first. All reviews are alpha sorted by the author's last name. All titles I've reviewed are listed under each author's name.

Authors, please read the following before sending a book review request...

So that there is no misunderstanding, I have my own guidelines for reviewing. I do not participate in any "review exchange" agreements, nor accept any form of payment for reviewing books.

I offer a full, impartial review, based purely upon the work I read. I do not adjust my opinion or feedback for revisions not seen. My reviews are, and remain, my personal opinion of your work.

I always recommend that those submitting work for review please read several of my older reviews. You will find them here. I always try to be fair and offer an honest appraisal of a work as I see it, so although I am familiar with the differences around the world, I do ask that you be open-minded regarding regional differences in terminology, punctuation and spelling.

All reviews are live before I provide you with a link of that review. If you are unhappy with my review, I am happy to revise a review on request if your book has been updated. A revised copy of the work needs to be submitted and the same rules will apply as above. In the case of reviews posted to Barnes & Noble, a new review will be posted as they do not at this time allow reviewers to delete or update previously posted reviews. Please note that revised submissions are placed at the end of my read-for-review list.

If you wish the review to be placed anywhere other than those sites listed below, you will need to provide links or specify these sites. If I am not affiliated with these sites, I may join them in order to facilitate your request, dependent on any outlay or membership requirements.

Any ARC or work given freely for review is deleted from my system seven (7) days after the review is published.

Because each website has different meanings for star ratings, I have had to come up with my own. You will find my definitions below. Any exceptions I make to this will be specifically noted in the review.

Author Spotlight...
This is by invitation only. I will spotlight only those authors whose books I've read, reviewed and have given a minimum of three stars.

My priority for Reading:
  • beta reading
  • ARC's
  • WaAR featured authors

Preferred Format:
  • epub (because I use a Nook) gifted or emailed
  • gifted Kindle books. The Nook cannot open emailed mobi files.
  • PDF - This is my last choice unless I am beta reading for you

How I Rate:
I use the star system favored by online booksellers and book review sites. The meaning of my star ratings follows:
  • 5 stars = A book can't get any better than this
  • 4 stars = I really enjoyed the story, found it difficult to set aside.
  • 3 stars = I liked the story, but was able to set the book aside and do other things. 
  • 2 stars = The story either didn't really grab my interest OR had several errors and should be pulled off shelves and re-edited. I will specify which applies in my review.
  • 1 star = The story either put me to sleep OR read like a work-in-progress and should not have been published in its current condition. I will specify which applies in my review.

5 stars are reserved for books that
  • have no errors and 
  • profoundly affect me, or
  • pull me in so thoroughly I've lost all track of time and can't put it down 

For 3-5 stars - Now that I'm posting reviews to five/six sites in addition to here, it has become much easier to tell people who follow my Facebook book review page which booksellers carry the title I am reviewing. Any errors found during reading will be mentioned in my review, as well as whether those errors had an impact on how I rated your book. Also, I will add a link to your Amazon author page so readers have the option to purchase other work by you.

Where I post reviews
All reviews originate on this blog. They are then copied to each of the following sites that carry your book:
  • Amazon (AU, CA, UK & US... updated Nov. 8, 2014)
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Smashwords (if the book came from there - their requirement, not mine)
  • Goodreads

Links to my reviews are on Facebook at

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