Monday, April 3, 2017

Falter by Haven Cage

It isn't often anymore that I come across a book that grips me so tightly that I'm upset to not have reading time at work. Yet that was indeed the case with Falter. I've had this book since late last year and got about half way through when things got busy and I lost my reading time. So I finally pulled everything else to a screeching halt and started the book all over. I am so glad I did.

Falter centers around Nevaeh, a young woman who's been living on the streets from a young age, her only protection an elderly man named George. Given a chance to get off the streets, the two accept jobs in a small restaurant. The owner, Gavyn, gives them both jobs and a place to sleep at night. Shortly after moving into the restaurant, George falls sick. His death is the last normal thing in Nevaeh's life. What began as Gavyn comforting her becomes a desperate hold to keep her away from the demon that shows up to inhale George's soul. Now her life is filled with archangels, demons, guardian angels, a prophesy, and a deep-seated desire to rescue George's soul.

The writing is fast-paced and incredibly intense. I was sucked in once I was a few pages in. As you might imagine from the cast of characters, this is a story of the battle between good and evil. What makes it gripping is how this story is told. Nevaeh goes from total disbelief to grudging belief of her part in the balance.

Cage has woven a powerful story that I think many will enjoy. I set the book down three pages from the end, exhausted and needing to sleep, thinking I knew how it would end. Got up this morning and finished reading. Boy was I wrong. And so... I bought the next book in the series.

The setting is believable in spite of being a paranormal story. The plot is consistently intense even during the (very) brief moments of calm. Her characters are well developed and continue to grow throughout the story. This makes the second book I've read where I wanted to physically grab a character and shake some sense into them. Can't say who without giving away too much. Sorry.

For perfect editing (and by that I mean zero errors folks), consistent plot and amazing characters, and a gripping story that was very difficult to set aside (I'm mean really, I'm passing out with three pages left to read) I'm giving this story five stars.

This book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.