Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Available August 31st from Brandy L. Rivers...

From the author of the Others of... series comes Changing Destiny, book four in the Others of Seattle. Rivers knows how to weave a tale and this one is sure to be another "just can't put it down."

Changing Destiny (Others of Seattle Book 4) is available for preorder now everywhere, and will be released August 31st. Get your copy now. You definitely don't want to miss this.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Destiny: Tempest (The Destiny Series, #1) by Mia Morgan

Where to start... There is a story in here somewhere, but the book is so riddled with errors that slogging through fifty-one pages was a chore. The errors start on the first page with incomplete sentences and just go on from there. The lack of spelling problems leads me to think the author used spellchecker. The abundance of other errors has me convinced the author failed to not only use beta readers, but also failed to proofread her own work.

There is far too much narrative about the company billionaire John MacBeth works for, so much so that it began to feel as though I were reading a different story altogether. There are sentences with extra words that confuse the reader as to what is being said (i.e. the author changed what she was going to write mid-sentence and failed to reread what she wrote).

So what can I say about the storyline, such as it is? Korinna is a bar waitress who picks up extra income working high-end events because she's very good at what she does. Her ex is a sleaze who likes to think she'll marry him and there's a billionaire attracted to her. There is potential here for a decent story. It just isn't there yet. Not even close.

The bottom line is this is not yet a story. This is a work-in-progress that should be pulled from all booksellers until it has been properly edited. I am grateful this story was free. Had I paid for a book in this condition, I would be much less happy about it than I am now.

Because this book was released before it was ready, I can only give one star. That being said, I cannot in good conscience recommend this book in its current condition.

Witches' Waves: Duals and Donovans: The Different, Book 4 by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Who doesn't love a good story? How about a good story with a twist you haven't seen yet? So when I tell you I found just such a story, you better believe I'm going to shout it out. If you follow me at all, you know I love my shifter stories, right? Everything I've read to date has been all about wolves, bears, big cats. Predators one and all. Well, hold on, because I'm here to tell you there's more to shifters than that. What about something that's cute and playful, say... otters? Yeah, Roberts gave us sea otters as shapeshifters.

The thing that caught my interest was bringing together a blind witch, a playful sea otter shifter and a surfer running from his heritage, although admittedly it was the sea otter that grabbed me the hardest. I've peeked at the blurbs for the previous books, so I know this isn't the only time she's pulled out the unexpected for shifters.

Our heroine is a blind witch who is also a powerful seer. The problem? Meaghan's been held captive most of her life and used for her visions. She is about to put her foot down after learning the Agency wants to use her visions to capture the "child of five bloods" for their own less than honorable purposes.  Her solution is to escape and die, but that doesn't turn out quite the way she anticipated. Instead, she is saved by an otter and taken to safety to the Donovan's where an entirely new world is opened to her. (Cue dramatic music and evil doers.)

A failed suicide attempt (to protect the innocent), a playful otter (who'd rather be a doctor) and a surfer (afraid to answer the call of his heritage) make for an interesting story. What I know of otters is very limited, mostly to how playful they are. She managed to convey otter characteristics very well. Roberts has given a different twist to my favorite aspect of the fantasy genre. The story moves quickly; there are absolutely no boring parts to wade through. Her writing is captivating and everything you could want from an author. All the expected elements of a good fantasy novel are there, plus a bit of mystery and romance to keep things interesting.

Roberts' writing is impeccable and the editing spot on. I downloaded this book August 7 and finished it the same day (or rather, night). I literally had to find time in my running errands to pull into a parking lot to read more. That led to lunch out and reading some more. It was nearly midnight when I finally finished the story. The bad thing? I had to be up at 4a for work the next day. It was completely worth it though. She had me at the blurb and once I finished the book, I wanted the rest of them. Payday can't get here fast enough for me now.

For her writing, editing, character development, suspense, well... everything, I'm giving her five stars.

This book is available at Amazon (US, UK, CA, AU) and Barnes & Noble.