Saturday, November 8, 2014

Forever Kansas by Julie Cassar

I've enjoyed the Ruby Blue series from the very beginning. Cassar spins an enchanting and fun tale full of adventure from the first page. I was so excited to hear there was another book coming out that I hounded her without remorse. (You know, that whole 'squeaky wheel' thing.) My persistence paid off.

Forever Kansas is written from Brennan's point-of-view offering faithful readers a fuller, more rounded look at the world she's shared with us. Just for a while, suspend your disbelief and embrace your inner romantic, your inner hero or heroine and believe. Everything you've come to love about the series is here and more besides.

I didn't grow up with brothers so I can only guess at what teenage boys go through as they mature and  would probably still be way off. Cassar dealt with Brennan's struggles against his teenage hormonal response to Ruby's kisses to give her the respect she deserves as the love of his life in some of the most tactful, yet evocative writing I've ever read. The intimate scenes remain suitable for the YA reader while losing none of their impact. Well done Julie.

I enjoyed this additional excursion into the lives of Ruby and her friends, and know you will too. I was captivated and then held captive as I scrambled to locate the charger for my Nook so I could continue reading. Although currently only available for pre-order, this is definitely a 'must get' for the series. You won't regret it.

I was gifted an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 5 stars

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