Editing Services

After more than two years as a beta reader for various authors, I'm finally ready to strike out on my own as it were, to offer editing services. Below is a list of the authors for whom I've been fortunate enough to work with as a beta reader.  Each of them can be found on Facebook and/or Goodreads. Drop me a line on Facebook if you are interesting in having me work with you.

Please specify US or UK English for punctuation and spelling. Fees are payable via PayPal. My rates are based on word count as stated below.

Christoph Fischer

K.S. Haigwood
  Eternal Illusion
  Andromeda's Reign

Lavinia Urban
   Erin the Fire Goddess: The Beginning
   Erin the Fire Goddess: Betrayal
   Erin the Fire Goddess: Torment
   Erin the Fire Goddess: Jo's Story
   Erin the Fire Goddess: Changes
   Erin the Fire Goddess: Ripples
   Erin the Fire Goddess: Destruction

Megan J. Squiers (Paranormal Romance)
   Scarlet Dusk

Nathan Squiers
   Crimson Shadow, Book 4: Dance with the Devil
   Crimson Shadow, Book 5: Longest Night

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