Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fighting for You by Megan J. Parker

After a (very) long hiatus, I am finally back to tell you about more books I've read. I'm a bit behind as I've been interspersing reading with other things... making caramel, looking at gemstones for making the next necklace. You know, things to pass the time.

I'm always up for a book by one of my favorite authors. Megan, and her (now) husband write some of the most captivating stories a reader could ask for. Part of what makes this couple so captivating is that they write in each other's worlds. Of course the rest is the sheer power of their storytelling.

In Fighting for You, Megan takes us into the world of the Russian mafia and an orphan rescued by the man heading the Chicago arm of said mafia. This is given to us as the story behind the now adult orphan as an explanation for why he continues to take part in illegal matches. Why they're illegal is for you to read. Nikolai's world is a rough one with only one goal... win the next match.

Natasha is Rusakov's very sheltered and much loved daughter. When she meets Nikolai for the first time, both their world's are shaken. She is as eager to keep her secrets from Nikolai as he is to keep his from her. When being the daughter of a mafia is your life, trouble and betrayal are never far away.

 There is very little that is sweet about this story, but there is a lot going on that kept me turning the next page. Whether your chosen format is digital or print, there's no denying Megan is an enthralling storyteller. I devoured this book in a very short time, in one sitting. I'm hoping for more to follow this one. I really enjoyed the characters.

This book is by turns tense with secrets that must be kept and taut with forbidden passion. Megan knows how to weave the two into an un-put-downable story. I very much want to give her 5 stars, but there were a few errors that were missed in editing. 4.8 anyone? Sigh. 4 stars it is.

Look for this book at your favorite bookseller.