Monday, January 12, 2015

Entwined by Gladys Quintal

I found the cover art to be the first draw to this story and quite intriguing. The story itself reads almost like it was taken from the thoughts of a nearly eighteen year old girl. Her best friend and the boy she dreams of live next door. Adelaide is one of those girls who made the other girls in school jealous with her natural beauty while being totally unaware of it.

There are times when authors write in the voice of a younger person and it's a complete fail. Whether because of not really understanding how someone of a given age would think/speak or they struggle to write for the opposite gender. I found no such problems in this story.

There is an innocence to the story that fits the ages of the main characters very well. Quintal does what I appreciate most in an author, and that is to throw me a curve ball. Young love, intrigue, danger. It's all there. And trust me, the curve ball will have your head spinning. This is a short story that went far too quickly for me. I've read it several times and have enjoyed it just as much the last time as I did the first time.

The story is well written though I felt the lack of contractions in the dialog made the conversations a bit stilted. It made the conversations feel more formal than I've heard come from any teenager. Overall a good read. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review. 3 stars

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