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I have been a voracious reader my whole life. So much so that there have been times it's gotten me in a bit of trouble (not doing homework or chores, you know). I've also discovered I love to write. Now I indulge in my two greatest passions by writing book reviews.

I read both well-known authors and Indies. I have found some absolutely amazing books by independent authors for free or at a very small price. Writing reviews is my way of saying thank you for offering such wonderful stories at a price anyone can afford. I'm also the PA for the wonderful Lavinia Urban, author of the Erin the Fire Goddess series. Someday, I hope to make it to Scotland and meet her in person.

 My reading list is on a separate tab labelled "My Reading List" and gets updated every time I post a review. Feel free to check back to see how close your book is to being the next one read and reviewed. If you would like me to review your book, please go to that page to request a review or leave me a message on my Facebook page.

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